2018 is going to end soon. This year added so many new technologies, gadgets, movies etc. and this year is also a wonderful year for Game lovers as well. Many exicting pc games are launched this year and they provides the best experiance of gaming while we play on Windows 10 os. Nowdays online gaming is becoming very popular, like in android Pubg is a big hit. We all know that pc games provide us amazing gameplay, awesome graphics, wonderful storyline and it make us fall in love with the these games. These games gives you more enjoyment when you play them with xpadder windows 10 which simulates the movement of keyboard and mouse in your gamepad.

This is a wonderful year for pc gamers. The realistic graphics in the games make you feel like you are actually in the game. We have presented a list of 5 best pc games of 2018. We compare graphics, storyline, gameplay, popularity and otherrelated things to choose 5 best games in 2018. Let’s check them here :

1. Far cry 5

This is the 5th addition of the FAR CRY series. It was launched on 27 March 2018. With this addition far cry maintains its place on the top of our list. With its incredible storyline and immersive gameplay and realistic graphics. Ubisoft once again created a masterpiece in the gaming world.

STORYLINE – The story starts in a place named Montana. Where A character named Joseph seed (Main villain) who is the leader of Eden’s gate, heard a voice whisper of god. telling him that doomsday is coming and you have to save many souls as you can. But instead of saving, he stated the bloodshed. You play the role of a sheriff (hero) who arrived at the home country. Now you have to help the locals.


RELEASE DATE                     27 MARCH 2018


PRICE                                     RS3,499

PLATFORM                            PC,XBOX,PS4

RATING                                 9/10

2. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

You must love this game when you watch it’s trailer and you will surely consider it as one of the best graphics game ever. It is an open world game and with its attractive graphics, this game is deserves the 2nd place in our list of best pc games. Here you feel the life of a Spartan hero and it is another amazing game by UBISOFT.

STORYLINE – The game is based on the Peloponnesian war. You can improve your art of battel by playing this game. The detailed story is a suspense yet, as the game is going to release on 5 October 2018. So wait for it.


RELEASE DATE                               5 OCTOBER 2018

DEVELOPERS                                  UBISOFT QUEBEC

PRICE                                              NOT RELEASED YET

PLATFORM                                      PC,XBOX,PS4

RATING                                            8.5/10


A way out is a new type of game. it based in prison, you can choose the different action of 2 characters at the same time. This game manges to develop a new kind of storyline that makes it different from others. It will bring you the co-operative adventure where you play the role of two prisoners.

STORYLINE – This game is based on two characters who are in prison. The immersive gameplay amazed you. Overall this game is all about how you plan the strategy to break the prison. Your choices make your plan successful or fail. You must going to enjoy this amazing game.


RELEASE DATE                                 23 MARCH 2018

DEVELOPER                                     HAZELIGHT

PRICE                                                RS3,999

PLATFORM                                       PC,XBOX,PS4

RATING                                            8.3/10


If  you are bored with history games and looking for some loud action shooting game. Then this game is for you. The  game is based on world war 2 and going to release on 19 October 2018. In battlefield 5 you will going to jump into the feild of world war 2 and save the world. Awesome graphics, amazing gameplay, and well set storyline give brings it at 4th place in our list.

STORYLINE – The game is based on world war 2. According to its developers this game reveals the untold stories of world war 2. This time the game will be played from German perspective. It is going to release soon, you can check more info below.


RELEASE DATE                               29 OCTOBER 2018

DEVELOPER                                    EA DICE

PRICE                                               RS3,999

PLATFORM                                       PC,XBOX,PS4

RATING                                            8.1/10


Subnautica is a survival and open world game. You have to make your own choice to survive in this game. Beautiful graphics and gameplay. it is released o 23 Jan 2018. If you love the oceans then SUBNAUTICA game is for you. Explore the sea and collect resources to survive.

STORYLINE – It is open world survival game . In this game you are a surviver who is on a alien ship. Now explore the ocean and collect the resources which helps you to survive. Here you will also introduced to craft equipments and pilot submarines.


RELEASE DATE                               23 JAN 2018

DEVELOPER                                   UNKNOWN WORLDS ENTERTAINMENT

PRICE                                              RS 2,999

PLATFORM                                     PC,XBOX,PS4

RATING                                          8/10

Wrapping Up

So, that’s our list of 5 best pc games of 2018. Hope you will like our choices. You can watch the trailers of all these games on youtube. Enjoy these amazing and wonderfull games and tell us which game you like most. Find more like them here.

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