5 factors for choosing the best headphones

Headphones have become an important thing for people from all aspects of life. If you are a job, at home or on travel, you always need a pair of good headphones.

Since they are important, therefore people must wisely choose headphones for themselves.

Choosing a good pair of headphones for yourself may seem to be an easy thing but there are several factors which you need to keep in mind.

For your ease, here we will be going through five factors for choosing the best headphones, these factors are based on both the design and performance of the headphones.

Design Type

You must have seen different types of headphones, based on design. Some are big and bulky, whereas others are sleek and smart. It all depends on which type suits you the most or with which type you are most comfortable.

Based on design, there are three types. Namely, in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear.

In-ear headphones are those with earbuds, they completely fit into the inside of your ear. They mostly have silicone tips on them. This type of headphones is designed for portability and smart design. They suit people who are always roaming around here and there. Or for people who work out or run.

On-ear headphones are over the head type. The ear pads here rests on your ear, not over or in it. They exactly rest where your ear is. These headphones most suit people who are at a job or maybe who will use them with PC at home etc. They give you the feel of really good headphones, still, they are not bulky and big.

Then there are over ear headphones. These headphones totally cover your ears when you wear them. They are big and bulky. But with this big size comes superb performance. Mostly, professionals who use headphones at their studio or gamers who are really involved in e-gaming use this type of headphones. This is because they want the best sound and noise-cancellation.

Wired / Wireless

Next up, you must think about whether wired or wireless headphones would be good for you. This is because both have their own pros and cons. And, some people are comfortable with wired headphones whereas other with wireless.

When we say wireless, we mostly mean Bluetooth. So do you want headphones with a wire or having Bluetooth? You can also go for a pair of headphones which are both wireless and wired.

If you go for wired, they sometimes get messy and hectic. You have to roll around the cables every time you take them with you.  At times, you may even forget the cable at home if the headphones have a detachable cable. But the sound performance using a wire is superb as compared to wireless.

And if you go for wireless, everything becomes super easy. You just switch on the headphones and connect your phones. Some new headphones have NFC, using which you can touch and tap on the headphones to connect to your phones. Although the sound performance is good, it does not beat the wired performance. Anyone with a little know-how of technology can understand why wired performance is better than wireless.

Special Feature

There are certain things which make some headphones special. You may also consider the special feature if you are looking for something special. Like some headphones come with noise cancellation feature. It cancels out all another sound except for the sound you want to listen. This feature is handy for call center, e-gamers and other places where there are lots of people around you making noise.

Besides, there can be special comfortability option. Like some headphones have luxury fabric on the ear pads and headband. They may have velour fabric or sheepskin etc.

Moreover, there can be other special features like spatial awareness or virtual surround sound etc.


You need to be wise about choosing a pair of headphone which is durable. Because a pair of headphones is something you carry with you all the time here and there.

If the headphones are not durable, your bucks are going into a trash bin. You must know about the making of the headphones. This means you have to check if the headphone is made of plastic, aluminum or any other metal.

Aluminum is always durable, but when it comes to plastic then there are several types. Some plastic material is very thin and breakable whereas other is hard tough plastic which will last for years.

Sound Leakage

Last but not least, you must look into sound leakage. There are headphones which leak sound into your surroundings and people besides you can hear it.

These type of sound issue mostly happens in over-ear headphones which are open-back. You can read several guides and reviews to know if there is sound leakage or not. Because for some people it may become a real problem.

Now sound leakage is somehow related to what price the headphones are offered for. If you want no or minimal sound leakage, then you need to go for some good high-end headphones.


These are the five most important factors for choosing headphones. If you keep these things in mind, no doubt you are going to get your hands on a nice pair of headphones. Hope you got what you wanted to know. Let us know if you liked the information.

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