There are hundreds of puzzle themed games spread out all over the mobile markets, knowing which ones are worth your time is the hard part. If you are like me and enjoy spending time playing a well-built puzzle game then you are going to love the games I’ll be showing off.  These are personal favorites so there might be some you disagree with, don’t be afraid to share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

1. Puzzle & Dragons

Puzzle & Dragons takes an addictive match-3 puzzle element and mixes it with a pet collecting adventure. It is truly one of a kind and with all respect to the other choices, deserves to be the number one on the list. By matching 3 or more colored orbs you are able to deal damage to enemies and eventually defeat all in your way. You are able to catch monsters on the way and have them fight by your side when encountering enemies in dungeons.

They offer micro-transactions which allow you to get things done a little faster, but is not necessary.

2. Candy Crush Saga

This is what happens when you take a basic puzzle game and add candy, yes I said candy. Somehow competing against friends and family makes this game really addicting. The multi-user account feature works really well allowing you to switch between Facebook and mobile devices on the fly.

What really attracts the eye is the colorful backgrounds and awesome animations when blowing up the candies for points. I would recommend this game to everyone as the difficulty range differs depending on the objectives you are willing to take.

3. Tetris

The father of puzzle gaming has made a comeback on the mobile market. Tetris has come a long way and is known for its addictiveness and competitive scene. This advanced version offers many modes such as Marathon, Galaxy, and Ranked to keep you busy for hours. If you have never played Tetris before I would highly recommend giving this specific mobile version a try.

4. Bad Piggies

Rovio will have you scratching your head with this challenging puzzle game created in the Angry Birds universe. This time you play the role of the Piggies which are trying to build wacky contraptions to help you reach the end goal in your custom vehicle. With over 200 challenging levels to master and hours of gameplay at your disposal, you really can’t help but appreciate free-to-play gaming at its best.

5. Cut The Rope 2

Cut The Rope is a creative puzzle experience that will have you scratching your head wondering how to beat the next stage. The object of the game is the cut the rope while collecting candy spread out on the map. The way you cut the rope determines the way you swing, this can prove to be extremely challenging at times. It’s a great way to make time fly when having to wait.

Quick Tip:  When downloading games and playing them, especially over public Wi-Fi, it’s best to protect your smartphone with a Virtual Private Network. When you’re using public Wi-Fi, or any unsecured network, it’s easy for even a novice hacker to steal your information and identity. Using a VPN will encrypt your connection by routing you through their server. This will do two things for you. One, it can get you around any network or regional restrictions that might be blocking your access to any of these games. Second, and more importantly, it will give you a super-secure connection that will block hackers, malware, and those annoying targeted ads.

I hope you are able to find a few games that catch your eye on this list. I spent many hours on each of these and I can honestly recommend these to just about anyone.

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