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8 Tools To Create Mobile Apps

Creating a corporate app today is not a difficult task. Having a mobile app is an effective way to keep in contact with people such as employees and customers. Mobile devices such as phones and tablets are increasingly becoming an integral part of our lives and work.

Some tools can be used to create applications by app development companies without writing codes. You might want to ask – why should you develop an app for your business?

The answer to this question will depend on the objectives of the companies and the way in which the apps can contribute to improving performances in matters concerning clients and employees. For some businesses, creating a mobile app might not seem to be very important while for others, it could turn out to be very useful when it comes to achieving specific purposes and better results. At the end of everything, the important thing is to see how implementing something new can contribute to the achievement of the company’s objectives and make it much more efficient.

Aspects to which an app created through online services can contribute

Apps built on these platforms differ from the apps designed by an agency which are always tailored to the needs of the company. Through the options offered by several sites on the internet, any business can create an app that will allow it to achieve things like:

  • Loyalty programs.

  • Have clients schedule appointments.

  • Create virtual stores and catalogs.

  • Allow comments and ratings from users and customers.

  • Empower the company and customers to send messages through it (notifications).

  • Make orders and create menus (e.g. for restaurants).

  • Create discount coupons.

On the other hand, some of the advantages that a business can get when it creates its app especially through these sites are:

  • Reduces costs considerably (hiring someone to design an app that is tailored to the need of the company can be very expensive, although it is the best).

  • It helps you project a professional image since many people still believe that mobile apps are only for big companies.

  • It can make communication with employees and customers more efficient.

  • It can make companies go a step ahead of their competitors, being pioneers in the use of new technologies.


It allows you to create apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It includes a visual editor that works in the form of drag and drop. People can add powerful features from a catalog of plugins that greatly enhance the apps created through this tool.

2. Mobileroadie

You can create apps with exciting features by using this site. It allows you to create a forum where users can converse with each other while the company can send notifications such as announcing promotions or discounts. It also allows the sending of geolocated notifications through the application, create and manage events, among other exciting features.

3. TheAppBuilder

It allows you to create unique applications for employees, clients, event managers and booklet creation using two approaches: using the platform directly or relying on an assistant with whom people can work to define and build the structure of the application.

You can protect public or private applications with users and passwords. Also, updating the structure and content of the applications is easy, even after they are on the internet. People can make unlimited updates and create applications for the iPhone, iPad and Android.

4. Good Barber

It allows users to create applications for Android and iPhone in a very friendly way. It includes colorful and highly customizable templates, hundreds of icons and fonts. In addition to creating native applications for iPhone and Android, users can have a free web version for mobile, which can be accessed by people from their phone browsers. Thus, companies can link this mobile application to their domain in case they wish to make this the official mobile version of their site.

Users can immediately know what their application looks like at any time they make adjustments to it or modify any parameter.

5. Appy Pie

It allows users to create native applications for Android, iOS and Windows devices with the drag and drop method. Once the app is created, people receive an HTML5 application that works on all platforms. All revisions happen in real time. Through the applications created, you can send notifications, monetize with ads, see statistics on the performance of the app and use features such as GPS. It is also possible to integrate feeds from social networks, blogs, web pages or audio content sites.

6. AppMachine

AppMachine is an easy to use platform to build and design native applications for iOS and Android devices. Using the drag and drop method, people can combine different blocks that offer a variety of options to present information, photos and videos. You can also link the application with Facebook, Twitter and virtual stores. Those who use this tool have access to a large number of options to customize their apps by choosing the way people can navigate through it, colors, fonts, icons and in general take control over the design. In the same way, you can easily see your progress through a preview. It provides data and statistics about its performance.

7. BiznessApps

It offers a large number of functionalities that includes orders (for restaurants), e-commerce, loyalty programs, dynamic content, integration with different services, notifications, data and metrics, among other features.

The tool allows you to create applications quickly through available designs. It gives the possibility of previewing the application as it is being created. Changes are updated quickly. Something interesting about BiznessApps is that it gives weekly seminars on how to build mobile applications using the platform and allows access to hundreds of tutorials that can help to make the process much more comfortable.

8. ShoutEm

It allows users to create apps specially designed for content management with very useful tools when it comes to hooking users. The interface offered by the platform offers many customization options. It is also possible to integrate the applications created with existing content on other sites and platforms such as WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and many more. As for the way to generate income from the applications created using the tool, you can create virtual stores, paid subscriptions, as well as discounts and promotions.

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