Andriod v/s IOS app – The Comparison 2018

Global agreement on cell phone development has been made. Expanding numbers with users’ features. In the past, only black and white phones were used by people. Now technology does not make calls due to cell phones improvement, but they do not use many applications such as music player, tablet PC, web browser, android game.

That’s why new technologies, new software and operating systems like Android and iOS are demanding and demanding companies such as Xiaomi companies that are developing mobile phones with smartphones improvement. Now give some light as compared to Android and iOS It is a great deal of today’s tech world.

Interface and design comparison:

In mobile innovations such as smartphones and tablets, Google uses Android and iOS based architectures. Android, Linux-based and slightly open source, like iOS rather than PC, its homepage and primary components are still customizable. If it may be, iOS design elements are more user-friendly.

There are touchless interfaces for both iOS and Android – swipe and tube. Like a PC desktop, two screen structures have been launched on a screen screen. The only difference between the two is that the iOS home screen contains just rows of icons to use; Allows the use of Android gadgets, which automatically display updated information, for example, climate and e-mail. A dock that IOS reuses every time IOS users use.

Development Comparison

Time to create Android apk for app is 30% of iOS cost. There are many sources to create IOS app and do not need to create a new one. There is no evidence to create an Android app, with strict rules defined by Google Store, and Android developer must have created an app for more time consuming in an Android app.


Hardware comparison:

The hardware Android and iOS comparison is clearly in the spot.Just creating Apple iPhones, so there is tremendous tight control over software and hardware collaboration.High rated Android phones are both true and high, low cost, freeze or break. There are additional hardware issues with iPhones; In general, iPhones are of high quality.

Price comparison:

IPhones are not cheap devices. On average iPhone applications are twice as much as their Android apps with similar features.Purchasing capabilities for people who spend a large amount of money on cell phones are not likely to cost more than unbearable costs.

Compared to Android and iPhone users, mobile shopping has a different habit, they do not want to buy smartphones, but they also want to buy and use smartphone jewelry and Hawaii cases are often used in Pakistan in Hawaii. In general, Apple followers have a tendency to spend more money. Not surprisingly, they can not afford a lot of things on the App Store, rather than from Google Play partners.

Applications Availablity

Android receives apps from Google Play, which is currently accessing more than 600,000 applications and runs on most tablets. However, some Android gadgets, such as funk fire, are used in distinctive utility stores that can access smaller selections of apps. Many apps in iOS now have access to Google Instagram and Pinterest, and other apps, including Google’s more open source application, Adobe Flash Player and BitTorrent. Android provides additional access to applications implemented by Google, such as YouTube and Google Docs.

The most popular apps can access both sites when viewing Google and Apple app stores. However, for tablets, the Apple App Store currently offers 700,000 applications, 250,000 iPod iPads accessible, and Android Tablet applications measure the versions of Android smartphone applications.


The commonly used operating system is the creation of smartphones on Android and iOS. Often they are similar but there are differences between them.Android apps will take even more advanced time. IOS users are older than iOS. The Android Operating System is an open source system, while iOS does not. Although these differences are true, the operating system is another competitor. Both are different. AR technology is acceptable to new technologies.Developers of any application of the Android app or iOS application must consider these differences before developing this application. Buyers or users of these applications need to understand these differences.

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