Top 5 Apps for Mobile Broadcasting

Live-Stream the latest buzz in Social-Media market has offered people a completely new experience. The new trend is tempting, engaging, and making fans go bananas over it. Be it college students, public figures, far-relatives, business corporate people or just about anyone; everyone has their own reasons to use this service and go live. Here is the list of the top 5 broadcasting apps you can use.


This pioneer in live-streaming service gained immense success in very short-time, and was bought by Twitter soon because of its exponentially increasing craze. Its compact size, great user-interface and free service make it good tool to stream live videos anywhere, anytime. It is available on the mobile platform and if you want to get Periscope for PC there is a workaround.

Facebook Live

The best social-media platform was relatively late in launching live-stream service, yet garnered millions of fans plugged-in to it in no time. This new feature instantly notifies the followers and friends about person being live, and they can respond in likes and comments to broadcaster’s ‘live performance’.


This Los Angeles based website StreamUp allows anyone to watch and stream live videos. It has a revenue system which lets users earn from live stream on their channel. It also offers features to enhance videos. Users can add filters, overlays, and special effects to the videos.

Live Stream

This app allows one to expand their network and broadcast not just to their friend-list but to the whole world, and become a celebrity in quick time. Its integrated chat feature allows broadcaster to interact with the viewers. All this services are available for an optimal rate of $42/month.


The app didn’t take much long to become a sensation among people and gained 50 millions download in initial few months itself. It is available on play store, and takes just one tap to start live-streaming service. It is highly recommended to the people who possess some talent and want to project it to the outside world. It provides them with a platform to do so, while interacting with viewers via comments during live streaming. The service is free of cost but charges a handful bucks for some premium features.

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