Best 3D Animation Apps for Your Phone

Do you know that you actually don’t need to use your desktop for building amazing and engaging 3D animations. In reality, more people are moving towards developing amazing 3D videos through using apps in their smart phones.

There are number of reasons for building videos directly on your mobile phone or tablet. You don’t need to actually carry a laptop all the time or use a desktop for achieving the desired results. Read along to learn more about the top and brilliant 3D animation apps for your smart phone. In this article, we are going to reveal the best 3D animation apps for smartphones.

Bot3D Editor

This app promises to provide users with the right set of tools at their fingertips. It is one of the most effective animation app for smart phones and tablets. The app offers an easy way to export and share media when it is completed. Also, the app is compatible across various iOS devices including the iPhone and iPad. You can build poses within moments and animate them instantly. Among the key features, the app offers Inverse Kinematic Algorithm, HandEditor, ScenceEditor, and FaceEditor.

In addition, you can proceed with importing your personal photographs and build a character that will lip-sync to different voices. Bot3D Editor allows the users to create vertical and horizontal videos.

Toontastic 3D

Toontastic offers animation, drawing, and narration of cartoons. Toontastic serves as the top 3D animation application that can provide fans with voice record and animation storage on device. A large number of users are utilizing Toontastic to develop image album, gather news report, build adventure, and much more.

This animation builder maintains satisfactory reviews from various leading-edge media outlets and has marked it place among the top animation apps in the 2018. You can download the ToonTastic, and proceed with creating various characters. Interestingly, this app offers creation of pirates, robots, and many characters. Also, there are built-in songs that you can into animations, making them more enticing.

Maya 3D Animation

None other than the popular Autodesk Inc. has created the Maya. It can build great and interactive animations. Maya allows users to create a broad-range of media including the animations, games, 3D effects, and much more. Maya holds honor of creating various 3D assets that have been featured in popular movies, games, and TV shows. Users looking for decent animation, 3D modelling, and rendering solutions should see none other than the Maya.

Animate It

Animate It offers a wide-range of handy features for amazing animations. This app empowers a user to build sketches on your smartphone or tablet whenever you feel like drawing. It provides users with plain yet interactive controls. For instance, you can perform various actions through finger touch, drag, and much more.

Animate Me

Animate Me stands as the suitable app for children, but offers features preferred for adults as well. Children located around different regions of the world choose Animate Me for creating great 3D animations and upload them video platforms such as the YouTube.

The app offers built-in cartoon figures that make children keen to the animations. It keeps them come repeatedly to learn more and progress. Users can make the characters perform different activities such as conversation, running, and walking.

In addition, various video tutorials are available online that can reveal how to get the best out of this app. There is an Everyplay feature that allows a user to share work across various platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.


In case you are seeking for a solution that offers in-depth understanding about 3d character animation, there is none other than the Anim8 to serve the purpose.

This app offers 5 amazing characters in a 3D environment. The controls are handy and interactive. Various people have become diehard fan of Anim8 due to the sleek and simple interface. The reason lies behind the fact that leading Video Animation INC companies tend to build apps that are befitting to users of all levels.

The best animators in the industry have developed this app. You can begin building animations in just a matter of few minutes after downloading. Complete body animation can be performed through the advanced articulation. You can create different key poses through using the tools for drawing.

Final Words

In the contemporary digital world, 3D animation apps have become mainstream and allowed users to brush on their skills and achieve great heights of creativity. The best 3D animation apps for smartphones mentioned in this guide will allow you to edit videos, and add an elegant magic to them.

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