Best IOS Apps – You May Not Know About

The App Store is full of amazing apps from gaming to educational. There are project management apps for writing apps as well. There is a wealth of apps hidden in the App Store all you have to do is delve deeper and find out the best of the best. The huge collection of apps sometimes overshadow few of the names that do not gain much attention. Here is a list of all those apps, which you must know about.

As much as iPhone models impress users with their powerful processors and advanced cameras, the IOS apps too play their part in enthralling users. The IOS apps bring convenience and ease in the day to day activities of the users. The fast processing abilities and the advanced techniques used in their development motivate many of the great IOS app company to innovate in building highly technical apps.


Agenda received the 2018 Apple Design Awards. It is a note-taking app for business owners and editors. It supports Mac and IOS platforms. It is equipped with a date-oriented feature to take notes and help users in organizing loads of task. It keeps the data secured and is easy-to-use. Attaching timestamps and taking notes has now become way easier. The users can have the chance to organize using specific dates, project categories and images. It is a fun app to schedule your work and to keep a track on your progress.

Moreover, finding information using Agenda is easier too. Highlight specific information or bullet them to track them later.

The best part about the app is that its notes can be accessed through iCloud. You do not have to worry about missing or losing your collection. You can simply download a pdf of each copy and save it elsewhere to keep a backup. Agenda is completely free to use and is secured with a passcode.

iTranslate Converse

iTranslate is one of those few apps winners of Apple Design Awards. It is equipped with a two-way voice recognition feature. It translates over 38 languages and helps users in speaking different languages fluently.

To get the translation you have to speak the sentences in your language over your phonemic. The app quickly converts your voice note first into text and then translate the words into the language your required making a voice note as well. The most inspiring feature of the app is that it is incredibly easy-to-use. It has a simple interface and offers a minimal subscription of $4.00 per month.


Is your house all packed with lots of guests and you are finding room to watch your favorite math on TV? Well, IOS brings to you one of its best apps that can let you watch your favorite TV channels without disturbing anybody. Tunity scans the TV of the user and stream the audio of the TV into the headphones of the users. You can connect it with Bluetooth speakers or headphones.


Skiplagged is a wonderful app that can assist you in travelling far across the world at minimal rates. The app helps you in finding out the hidden city flights where most of the flyers get a layover. Once you enter your target destination, the app will show you a direct flight to that spot along with telling the cheap rates to reach there. Moreover, with Skiplagged you can even book hotel rooms by checking on the last minute deals and packages.


If you are using the three latest IPhone models iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X and enjoying the fun of portrait modes, you can double your fun with Focus. The apps allow to customize the three frames and to add different effects to enhance the look of the picture.

It is equipped with in-depth filters and a wide range of tools to work on the quality of the app. Adjustable aperture, Bokeh effects, and variant shapes are some of the most important effects. You can make an amazing addition to your photography album by having Focos installed in your phone.


Another note0taking app in the list is JOT. It is one of the most simple and advances app to help you create memoirs and short notes. It’s an app that facilitates quick creation of notes including to-do–list and bulleted information. It has an interesting interface and makes note sharing easy for the users.

Hope You will now aware of these unknown apps. We have selected them through a online research. All the suggestions from your side will surely appreciated. Thanks for reading!

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