Best Ways to Get Smarter

We have more and more technological innovations today that are specially designed for educational purposes. Some of these advancements in technology are capable of extending the learning process beyond the four walls of the classroom and provide 24/7 learning capabilities regardless of the location.

Let’s take a look at the technologies that are shaping the future of education.

Smart classrooms

A classroom becomes a smart classroom when it is equipped with technological gadgets that provide access to online resources. A smart classroom will have laptops/computers, projector, screen, microphone, amplifier and speaker, podiums, DVD or VCD player. Depending upon the equipment available a classroom can be basic smart or intermediate smart or advance smart.

There are many advantages to having a smart classroom besides easy access to digital content. Teachers can use PowerPoint presentations, images, audio and video to educate. This makes learning more enjoyable and easier to understand.

Access to smart classrooms is one of the primary concerns of engineering aspirants as they look for a college. Check out a few of B.Tech colleges in noida with classrooms that are well-equipped with latest gadgets with newest technologies.

Educational Applications

According to Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, technology has a powerful part in improving education. Devices like tablets are getting cheaper by the day and soon everyone will be able to afford one. There are many software available today that drive impact to educators and students. Many of these applications adapt according to the student as he/she learns and consequently provides the best possible learning experience.

Lecturers at universities are already using course management software like Moodle and collaboration applications like Telegram to facilitate the learning process.

Blended Learning

With so much information available online students often do not teachers to instruct them. Blended learning is an education process that combines traditional teaching methods and technology-based learning. Many schools are experimenting with this mode of education.

Personalized learning experience can be achieved through technology-based education. Students get the freedom to choose the time and place of learning. They can also set the pace of learning according to their capability and interest. The practical aspects, which often cannot be learned from a device, will be taught by teachers through interaction in classrooms.


Along with education, teachers also need to become smarter. This is why advanced teaching programmes like M.Ed course have included subjects like Educational Technology and Advanced Education Technology. These subjects will help teachers to gain knowledge and hands-on experience with emerging teaching technologies. This will help them to fully exploit the potential of these technologies in a teaching environment.

Unfettered online access can do more harm than good. There are many parents and teachers who are quick to condemn the digital distractions in classroom. Many fear that this will make students too dependent on technology. As with everything, here too, moderation is the key. Parents and teachers alike should teach students how to leverage these technologies to make the best out of them and how to exercise caution and responsibility while handling them.

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