5 Things to keep in mind before buying a drone

As we know how much popular are the drones nowadays?

So, after all, looking the popularity of drone and the passion of peoples of buying drones today we are here with you and showing you some tips that you keep in mind before you are going to buy a drone.

Here we show you some of the main points but if you want to know each and everything before buying a drone then I highly recommend you to read this drone buying guide.

Without wasting more time let’s jump into the topic.

1. You Can’t Just Buy and Fly:

While going to shop a drone, you’ll notice a number of acronyms. If you know about these acronyms in advance it will definitely help you to buy a perfect drone you want.

RTF stands for ready-to-fly. As the names give a sense that the drone you buy is just ready to take a flight but it’s little confusing here. In RTF drones you have to install the propellers first before taking a flight, and you also have to charge you drone battery.

BNF or bind-to-fly are the drones which are usually completely assembled but they don’t have any controller with them. You have to install an app regarding the drone on your mobile device.

2. All Drones Must Be Registered:

Your drone must be verified by FAA if it it is weighing more than 0.55 pounds & less than 55 pounds.

You should be at least 13 years old to register a drone.

Registration for your drone lasts for three years.

3. Suitable Device to Fly Your Drone:

Most of the drones don’t have any controller with them and you need to control it with your device.

So make sure before buying a drone that a drone meets your mobile requirements or not because most of the latest drones work only with new smartphones with latest features.

4. Purpose for the Drone:

Drones are used for many purposes from farming to construction.

Drones are nowadays widely used all over the world for numbers of the purposes by different types of peoples from businessman, Farmers, Real Estate and for freelancer for photography.

Drones are also used for the entertainment purpose by peoples.

Before buying a drone you have a purpose in your mind for which you are buying a drones like if you are a professional person and are going to buy a drone for your profession like if you are buying drone for high quality photography then you must focus on the camera of the drone and some other features like gimbal etc.

If you are a beginner, then you must go for the drone with low price drone.

5. Flying in Certain Conditions Could Put Your Drone at Risk:

Before going to flying a drone you should check the certain conditions which can make a flight risky and maybe results as crashing your drone.

If you are going to fly your drone outside, you have to check the weather condition. Clear days with little to no breeze are ideal for flying drones.

If you have a lightweight drone, then even a small wind can make your drone out of control and may result in a crash.

If you live in an area that regularly gets strong winds, then you go for a great indoor drone instead.

Flight Time:

Most of the expensive drones have Great Flight Time Because they are expensive in price and have a good battery with large MAh which provides a good flying time.

It is one of the most important points to keep in mind before buying a drone.

In most of the cases, it depends on you that how much flight time do you want for
yourself. If you want drone for professional use, then you must have good
flight time otherwise it’s not good for you.

On the other side if you are a beginner at drone flying and you want a drone for just
a hobby then the normal drones will work perfectly for you.

Most of the cheap drones come with 10 to 15 Flight Time which Is far enough for a beginner.


If you can’t afford an expensive drone or you are a beginner and have a drone with low
flight time then must take extras batteries with yourself and when one of your
battery goes out of juice you can simply swap it with a full one and enjoy your
flight without any delay.

Some Guidelines:

  • Make sure you see the drone all the time while flying.
  • Don’t fly over unprotected persons or moving vehicles. Keep your drone at least 25 feet
    away from individuals.
  • It’s recommended to don’t fly your drone near an airport at all.
  • Do not fly in strong weather conditions. 


Hopefully, you’ve learned some common things before buying a drone. If you have any query then feel free to contact us.

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