Top 3 FaceTime Alternatives for Android

iOS by Apple and Android by Google are the two mobile platforms used by the majority of the smartphones in the world today. There is no doubt that both of them give each other tough competition and try to outstrip each other at every opportunity they get. Both of them have a very loyal customer base as well.

There is one thing though everyone has come to agreement to – Apple’s creates some really awesome apps and since most of them are exclusive to its devices, they become all the more desirable. FaceTime is one such app that has snatched a lot of customers away from Google as they have switched to the iOS platform.

But, if you do not have an iPhone or iOS, do not be disappointed. You have some really good alternatives to FaceTime for Android. Here are some of them.


When the subject of video calling is broached, Skype is the name that is bound to emerge to the surface and that too quite prominently. Skype is the name that has become synonymous to video calling and VoIP. There was a time when we would not make the voice calls; instead we would simply say ‘let’s Skype.’ The good thing is that it is not exclusive to any platform. Whether you have an Android device or iOS (even Blackberry or Windows) you can download and use this amazing app.


When Viber was first launched, you could only send text messages or make voice calls. However, it did not take long for the company to figure out that to stay on course with competitors they will need to introduce the video calling feature too – and so they did. Today, they have a large customer base and millions of video calls are being made everyday using this app.

Google Duo

Launched only a couple of months ago, Google Duo is already making lots of heads turn. After all, it is a Google product and for the first time dedicated to video calling. It is a cross platform app and thus can be used on iOS as well as Android devices. In the coming time, there is a good chance it might give tough competition to FaceTime.

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