Facetime for iOS Devices- How to Download and Install

Facetime is an app developed by Apple and hence made available easily for use on ios devices. It’s a net based video calling service, that this app provides its users. It’s easy to use and download and makes for a great experience when used.

With hd quality video and extremely clear, noise or distortion free audio, it’s easily the best app for video calls that’s available to the users. It’s been gaining popularity at a momentous speed for precisely these reasons. It’s available for free and works like a charm with wifi connection or even a cellular 3g data connection. It’s so popular in fact, that windows, android and blackberry users are tweaking their phones just so as to use this app.

It has call block features so you can block either a certain person or all calls for a time. It’s a highly encrypted service so that any calls made remain perfectly private. It brings to you a mute feature as well, so if you need to have a conversation with someone you bumped into or a nosy mom, you can make sure that remains private from your facetime pall. The app boasts a user friendly and easily customized interface to boot. However, this wonderful video and voice calling app is not available for Android or Windows computer, in recent times the demand for Facetime for PC version has increased tremendously, but Apple has clearly mentioned that they are in no modd to launch Facetime’s Windows PC version or launch Facetime for Android in the near future. Moving ahead lets talk about how to get Facetime for iOS devices.

Facetime For MAC- Download

To download and install the app on any ios device all that needs be done is as follows-

  1. Visit the apple store and search for facetime app.
  2. Click on install and allow the app to make any changes in the phone.
  3. Wait as it installs in the background.
  4. Run the app and follow any instructions that it prompts you to follow.

When the app gets installed all that remains is activating it. Which is easily done with your Apple id and password. Sometimes on activating FaceTime, you might see one of these messages:

  • Could not sign in, please check your network connection
  • Activation unsuccessful
  • Waiting for activation
  • An error occurred during activation

Likely there’s just something to do with the device settings

Make sure that you’re connected to an Internet cellular network or wifi. In case of an iPhone, SMS messaging to activate your phone number with FaceTime might be what’s needed. Depending on your carrier, you might be charged for this SMS.

If that doesn’t work go to Settings > General > Date & Time and make sure that your phone time is correct

Turn off and restart facetime, unless that’s something you’ve already tried.

If the restart has been tried and yet there’s trouble visit Settings >Facetime and turn off facetime from there. After a while, go to Settings >FaceTime again and turn on FaceTime. This reboots the app entirely.

If even then it’s now activated, in the 24 hour time check to see that your ios is the latest version, if not update it. If that doesn’t work either, contact apple support.

I hope that after reading this article you can use facetime easily and efficiently. Apple is always releasing updates for its apps, and Facetime isn’t any different. Keep your App updated to stay out of obsolescence with your friends.

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