The Google Nexus 6 rumors are on the floor already before even the official announcement by the company. The Nexus series is highly anticipated android devices among the users with the taste of new and latest android version every time.

The upcoming Nexus 6 rumors crating quite news about its features and specifications because it has to take stand against the Galaxy S5 and probably along with the iPhone 6 and Note 4.

Here is an exclusive review about the features and specifications about the upcoming Nexus 6.

The Metal Body

As LG is the manufacturer of the body of the Nexus devices and has done good till date so this time also the Google might go with it. However the replacement of plastic using the metal is much needed after watching all the criticism about the Galaxy S5.

The Google also will try to emphasize the market with the metal body trend and maybe this time the Nexus 6 will feature the metal finish on it.

The Curved Display

The flexible and curved displays are also much in demand these days and this concept may also get cashed by the Google with its Nexus 6. The main issues with the curved displays are ease of handling and size.

If the Google could keep the size of Nexus 6 around 5.3-5.4 inches with a little curve, which is also reported by the internal market reports, then I guess it’ll hold the edge over other famous flagship models.

The High End Processor and Latest Android

The Galaxy S5’s super fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor has caught all the eyes while it was launched at MWC. The Nexus 6 is also planning to go with the same but with better figures of 2.5 GHz and 3 GB RAM support to outrun the rest of the phones available in the market.

On the Android front, the Nexus 6 will surely feature the latest and newest android version which is said Lollypop 4.5 or the chances are very high that it could start the android 5.0 Lion Bar series with the Nexus 6.

The Camera and Battery

The Google has promised to set a benchmark while it comes to the smartphone cameras. The Nexus 6 could see the new dawn amidst the world of stunning cameras.

The predictions are very high that the Nexus 6 will feature a 16+ MP camera with the full HD resolution and many outstanding features, a few of them are the image stabilization, renewed burst mode and best low light capturing with 400+ PPI density.

The battery of the Nexus 6 will also become better than its predecessors with the power of 3200+ mAh to ensure the day long juice. If it comes true, then there won’t be any stopping for the Nexus 6 in the market to declare it as a hit.

When it’ll be Available?

If we look at the legacy of the Google of launching its phones, then the possibilities are quite high that the Nexus 6 may appear in between the August end and September beginning of this year but, these are just the expectations.

Wrap Up

The Nexus 6 device has the huge load of the expectations from the user’s side as this is the only alternative for those who just want to taste the new android firstly and don’t want to purchase Samsung or any other brands like Sony or HTC which are underrated than Samsung.

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