GTA Online Target Attack Mode: Tips and Tricks

GTA 5  for you to presume being the best player among all your friends.

The competitive modality where teams of two people must engage in games where the aim and aim are much more important the cunning and not so much winning the races. So do not miss our guide to the target attack mode for the online side of GTA 5. For explore more about it you can visit here.

Through these tricks for the attack mode to the objective of GTA Online we will tell you everything you need to know to win in these games, not making mistakes of novice and knowing at all times what to do to get higher scores than all your rivals.

GTA Tips and Tricks to beat your opponent

Keep in mind these tips to win in attack mode the goal of GTA 5.

It’s a Team Work

While one player drives the vehicle, the other must shoot at the targets. Always the driver must take into account to facilitate his partner who guesses better about the objectives, and for this you must try to slow down at certain times and take better curves in others. Also, remember that after the first round there is a change of positions.

Don’t Focus on Winning the Race, But on Getting More Points

One of the mistakes that is being made in these early days is that many players believe that you have to win races, and that is not the case. What matters is to get a greater number of points, and if you get them after finishing third in the race, you will have won equally. With this we advise you not to go crazy in the first position because that will mean that you will take the curves faster and the other partner will not be able to hit so well on the targets and other objectives.

Sometimes It’s Better To Go First

Although it is not necessary to finish the race first to win the game, it is convenient to go first to have many more goals and objectives to destroy. The best thing is that you learn the circuit and when you get to an area with many targets to shoot, it comes first. Once you leave that area you can slow down again no matter what others have overtaken you.

Don’t Leave Any Checkpoint

If you arrive before your opponent to a control point, you will receive higher points. It is another reason that going first is a good idea in certain cases, but it can also turn against you. It does not make sense to always go through these checkpoints first, if then you go so fast and drive so badly that your partner just hits the targets.

Focus on smallest objectives

Sometimes it is better to hit on a small target than on three large ones. In this way always try to aim and shoot on the smaller objectives because it is much more profitable than going alone for the big ones. If you get used to going only to the little ones you will have a lot of livestock.


After reading above guide your now ready to bang on in GTA Online Target Attact Mode. Thanks for read this article. Hope you enjoy it.

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