How the Jio Giga Fibre is different than other service providers?

Which can bring other telecom companies to the knees.

Jio’s much-awaited broadband service called Jio Giga fiber is now available as a preview offer in all major cities. You can avail the free Preview offer of jio Giga fiber without any installation charges. However, a refundable security deposit of RS 4500.00 is required for ONT device (GitHub Home Gateway) provided by Jio. If in nearby future you decide to discontinue the jio services and return the ONT device to Jio in working condition you will get your money refunded.

Why Jio Giga fiber is better than other telecom service providers?


  • Fiber to the Home

Jio has one of the best and advanced fiber cables as compared to the other telecom companies and these fiber cables are capable to handle the high traffic via these. Jio claims to offer a blazing speed of 100Mbps. Jio directly provides the fiber cables inside your house, unlike other telecom companies, it will not provide a sub-box setup in your street which will result in less loss of speed. Jio calls this as Fibre To The Home (FTTH) service.

  • Upgrading doesn’t need to replace old cables.

As I said above jio’s fiber cables are very much advanced than other companies. In the future, if the network type changes e.g. from 4G to 5G then the 5G network can be transmitted on the same cables without replacing the existing cables. Other telecom companies will have to replace their traditional cables with new one whereas jio will only change the light pulses which transmits the data in optical fibers.

  • Fastest Broadband connection.

No dought Jio is providing the fastest internet connection through its fiber cable many online tests reveals 95Mbps speed of Jio Giga fiber which is far better than other companies.

  • Affordable Prices.

Despite the free 3-month preview offer, Jio may start its monthly pack from 500 INR/month(Leaks and rumors) which is better than what other service providers are offering.

Is Jio Giga fiber better than Jiofi devices?

The question after reading the prices of the above plan now the question which strikes in mind is that Jiofi devices offer more data and validity at cheaper rates then why one will switch to Giga fiber. The reasons to switch to Jio Giga fibers is its high speed.

Jiofi devices have the normal speeds that of 4G jio sim (say 25Mbps) but the Jio Giga fiber will give you a speed of up to 100Mbps.

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