Top 5 iMovie Alternatives For Android

iMoive is an iOS Application suitable for editing videos casually.  It supports trimming, Adding Titles, Background Music and many other features.  This Application is for free of charge for those using iOS7 and above and is available for the others at a fee of $4.99. iMovie is a great success, there are many people who are using it on their pc, however, for those who would like to try its alternatives, there are other similar Applications available for those not using iOS.  There are other Applications on iOS as well which offer like functions.

Some of the similar Applications are listed below:

Vine: Vine allows the user to record a sequence of 6 seconds.  This then becomes a loop after the lapse of first 6 seconds. This Application is particularly good for the social media sharing.  Vine works both on Android and iOS.  This is a free Application and works like iMovie app.

Instagram: Like Vinepen to use post download.  This Application allows a fifteen second recording sequence.  User can create a Montage and then use it with different types of filters.

You Tube Capture:  This is an iOS only free Application similar to iMovie.  This is very good for sharing videos on social media platforms.  You Tube Capture has the capability of auto stabilization, Colour Correction, Adding Background Music and Trimming.

Splice: This is a paid Application with a fee of $3.99 for the iOS platform.  You can splice together HD photos and videos using this Application.  All the other features of a Basic Video Editor are available as well.

Vyclone: If you are using a Windows phone and wondering what are your options you can use Vyclone to Edit and make a clip of your own.  This Application also works on Android and iOS platforms. Vyclone allows you to mix footage from various sources and edit multiple angles.  Automatic help is available if you need help to an extent.

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