Samsung and Apple are the biggest names in the world of smartphones, their products are known to be freaking good. Little wonder why their two Best release: iPhone X and Samsung stands out. Question marks remains on who leads the Line, comparison among these two keeps popping up. That is expected given their reputation in the game of smartphones. Given the unique features they offer, the battle between them is getting hotter. iPhone X no doubt grabbed the headline on its release but Samsung isn’t relenting either. They seems to be hot on the trail of Apple to grab the title of the ‘ best smartphone company’. This has come as an advantage to users, as this implies that we get to lay our hands on much-improved products.

But the Question is: is the iPhone x better than Samsung Galaxy S9?, that’s a big question most people have not been able to answer. So we take a look at how this two compare: BODY DESIGN One factor that attracts buyers to a product is the appearance, it is the first thing that catches the eye of a buyer . Both iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9 comes in an all-new body build. This two flagships debut new outlook compared to the previous version. Apple flagship phone has a body build of 5.8 inches, while Samsung Galaxy S9 is a bit taller. The iPhone x has a more sleek design by replacing the notch with a bezel-less design. While both device are structured to be water-resistant, the Galaxy S9 has an edge with a rating of IP68 compared to iPhone x IP67. It implies that the Galaxy S9 can last for 30 minutes in a depth of 1.5 meters in contrast with iPhone x which can only manage the same time interval at a depth of 1 meter The Galaxy S9 didn’t change much compared to other versions, it still retains it all metal body, which isn’t as sleek as iPhone x mineral Glass body build. DISPLAY Both phones features an OLED Display, but Samsung Galaxy S9 comes with a better version which is the AMOLED. Of the two, Samsung has a higher screen resolution of 1440× 2960 pixel which translates to 568 PPI pixel density. Slightly higher than iPhone x 1125 × 2436 screen resolution and pixel density of 463 PPI. Both device sports an amazing display, but with contrasting features. Though the Galaxy S9 has a higher screen density which results in the vibrant colour display, Question marks still remain on how it rays are comfortable to the eyes. The iPhone X is seen as more comfortable in this aspect. Storage This two smart device comes with an internal memory of 64GB, while that of Samsung Galaxy S9 is expandable to 256GB, that of iPhone X cannot be expanded at all. It is an issue since the iPhone never comes with an external memory slot to store files when the internal storage is exhausted.

iPhone X has a not too impressive RAM capacity of 3GB while Samsung Galaxy S9 is just one step ahead with 4GB Security This is one area that has arisen many discussion among the fans of this two device. Apple finally bought something applaudable into their product, the iPhone x debuts a new feature from previous iPhone release. Though it has raised controversy from a few, it’s still a step forward from the company. This feature am raving about is none other than Apple’s decision to scrap the touch sensor fingerprint scanner in favour of Face ID technology. It isn’t the first time we are seeing this on a smartphone though, but it took some guessing before Apple finally adopted it into their products. iPhone X is the first iPhone to grace this feature. Lingering doubts still remain over its accuracy and precision Back to Samsung Galaxy S9, there is nothing new about the Galaxy S9, just little upgrade was introduced, it still retains the features of the previous version: Galaxy S8 has. Little surprise to why it still uses the Fingerprint scanner as it major means of security. When comparing the two, Fingerprint scanners are more reliable than Face ID, given the fact that it has been tested over time on different devices. So many upgrades have gone into it in a bid for perfection. With the Face ID just launching on Apple, it presents more problem than it actually solves. With time, Apple is probably going to improve on it. We do not expect it to be at 100% since it is just its debut. Battery With both devices using LED displays, they are bound to consume a lot of battery. Even more is the Galaxy S9 since its size is larger than the iPhone x.

Which is more reason why it needs a higher battery capacity. It’s 3,500 MAh battery is no doubt best that of iPhone x by a whopping 29%. Having undergone many tests. The iPhone X with its battery capacity of 2,716mAH performed quite well but is still no match for that of Samsung Galaxy S9. Secondly, fast charging is some feature that naturally comes with Samsung Galaxy S9 which makes it even better for its battery life. To achieve this on iPhone X, you have to spend extra. the area of battery life is one that Samsung Galaxy S9 completely overwhelm iPhone X. Camera Both phones come with the 12MP Rear camera but with the Galaxy S9 having a better Aperture. In the front camera, the Galaxy S9 feature 8MP while the iPhone X comes second with 7MP. The iPhone X however, captures more vibrant photos than the Galaxy S9.


These two tech giants have done well in producing this two flagship device. It is hard to come up with a winner. While the Samsung Galaxy S9 leads in the area of Battery life and storage, the iPhone is better with it’s Screen display and Camera Quality. According to computeradmin “Overall they are great phones and undoubtedly the best in the market. The debate will continue to go on as there is no clear winner.” You can also check iPhone Repair guide.

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