New Super Mario Forever 2015-Free Download for PC (Windows 8/7/XP)

The New Super Mario Forever 2015 is the latest extension of Super Mario 3: Mario Forever. Although, Super Mario Forever 2015 is a further extension of Super Mario 3: Mario Forever, but this game is entirely different in comparison to Super Mario 3. Just step into the world of the all new Super Mario Forever 2015 and be prepared to battle on eight large maps packed with numerous levels, mysteries and secret stages. The users can make use of various powerups such as Boomer- Man, Power Star, Tanooki, Fire Flower, Bomber- Man, Power Clock and many more.

In this series of the game, Mario has to resist attacks while undergoing through multiple stages and facing similar obstacles such as the carnivorous plants, bottomless pits and many other difficulties that comes in his way. New Super Mario Forever 2015 features a map between two different levels in which the users can observe Mario going from one place to the other. However, the controls incorporated in the game remains the same. In order to save your player from the enemies, you have to jump on them to demolish them or jump over them to skip them.

Features of New Super Mario Forever 2015

Now, here we have listed some of the exciting features of New Super Mario Forever 2015:

  • The New Super Mario Forever 2015 features a wide range of levels which is quite impressive. The users have to cross different levels that ranges from levels filled with hot lava to underwater caverns.
  • In addition, the game also comprises of renewed animation, background themes and graphics that makes it even more exciting for the users.
  • The gameplay includes many innovations. With Super Mario Forever 2015, the users have an option to save their game. It also features new enemies, bonuses and much more.
  • The game also features a user-friendly interface that makes it quite easy for the users to understand the game.

How to Play Super Mario Forever 2015 online

If you are newbies and just want to play Super Mario Forever 2015 online, then following link gives you the opportunity to play this game online. If you have joysticks, then enjoyment will be doubled in comparison to keyboard and mouse. You can try ‘gaming mouse’ too

Play New Super Mario Forever 2015 online

Super Mario Forever 2015 Download

You don’t need to follow our Bluestacks tutorial for this game because it can be downloaded directly through the following link. So, download Mario forever and gain a new experience.

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