Smartphones with a diagonal of 6 to 6.5 inches, also known as phablets, successfully combine the best qualities of these two devices. With tablets, 6-inch smartphones are similar to a large screen, a good battery and a powerful processor. Phablets inherited small dimensions compared to tablets, well-detailed cameras and a number of useful features from a classic smartphone. At the same time, like all mobile devices, they support calls over the cellular network, which is one of the main differences between the tablet and tablet.

Having appeared on the store shelves relatively recently, 6-inch smartphones have already won a lot of positive feedback and have become quite popular. Not surprisingly, many manufacturers of world-famous gadgets were quick to present to the public the best devices with a large screen. Among them are such well-known brands like LG, Sony, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Alcatel, and some others.

Despite the fact that at the moment in this category are presented only devices of some advanced companies, smartphones with a display of about 6 inches are very diverse. The most budget devices are made of plastic, equipped with basic cameras and medium, but quite good processors. The best phablets are found both among representatives of the middle segment and among the premium class and are distinguished by a good battery, rich display, furious performance, flagship functions, including fast charging and fingerprint recognition of the owner. Some models can also be proud of good cameras that are comparable in quality to the pictures with full-fledged cameras.

The rating includes the best 6-inch smartphones from all three classes, characterized by excellent value for money, as well as good functionality. When writing a review, we relied primarily on the opinions of experts and customers, technical specifications, video reviews, and device testing.

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5. ALCATEL PIXI 4 (6) 8050D

Opens rating budget smartphone French-American company, famous for a good ratio of cost and quality. The most inexpensive device, of course, does not strike the imagination of the demanding user with advanced technologies, but it will please you with a low price and thoughtful basic functionality.

The classic screen is 6 inches, it looks good and gives colors adequately. A pretty good budget class battery normally keeps charge during the workday. Thanks to the quad-core MediaTek processor with a frequency of 1300 MHz, the device is considered one of the most nimble state employees. In addition, the advantages of the smartphone include support for two SIM cards, FM radio, a light sensor and the presence of not only the rear but also the front flash. The cameras are quite average, but also quite good.

4. OPPO F5 4 / 32GB

Best in performance is becoming one of the most popular smartphones at 6 inches of this year. Created by a successful Chinese company, the device attracts users with an excellent combination of price and quality, as well as premium functionality.

The eight-core MediaTek Helio processor with a clock frequency of 2500 MHz and 4 GB RAM make the smartphone the best in performance. A good 3200 mAh battery allows you to charge the device once a day. An almost frameless screen is protected from scratches and pleases with high resolution. In this case, the smartphone is equipped with all the flagship properties, with the exception of NFC. Good cameras also appear among the advantages of the device. The main camera of 16 megapixels is not inferior to many more expensive analogs, and selfies with a resolution of 20 megapixels exceed expectations, placing the device in the list of self-phones.


The best three are opened by an inexpensive, but super-autonomous and rather a powerful smartphone of the world-famous Chinese brand. Despite the fairly affordable price, the device is equipped with the most voluminous battery in the category from 6 inches. The capacity of 5300 mAh is enough for confident three days of battery life with an average intensity of use. Also, the smartphone is endowed with the function of fast charging, so that it fully charges in about an hour.

A good battery is successfully complemented by a stable processor with a frequency of 1800 MHz and 8 cores, which guarantees excellent performance. The stylish metal case with touch buttons and a 6.44-inch diagonal screen keep up with powerful stuffing and allow you to compare the device even with the flagships. Useful functionality, including support for two SIM cards, FM radio, 4G and fingerprint recognition are also important. For complete happiness, lacking only NFC.

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2. LG V30 +

The second line goes to the thinnest, lightest and stylish smartphone review. With a weight of only 158 grams and a thickness of 7 with a small millimeter, the gadget impresses with excellent protection. The waterproof case is made of durable metal, which reliably protects the device from damage. However, practicality does not interfere with the fashionable design.

The bright 2.5D OLED-screen, scratch-resistant and almost devoid of frames, has the best resolution in the category – 2880 by 1440 pixels. It is also impossible to disregard good cameras with optical stabilization. The resolution of the main camera reaches 16 megapixels, in addition, it is double. The front camera is also not bad. 5-megapixel resolution is enough for normal selfies. The advantages of the smartphone also include a good battery with a capacity of 3300 mAh, a smart processor with 8 cores and the latest features, including wireless charging, fast charging, and a fingerprint scanner.


Headed the rating of smartphones with a screen at 6 inches one of the best Sony devices of all time. The main advantage of the model is undoubtedly the excellent main camera with a resolution of 23 megapixels and optical stabilization, making high-quality photos even in low light conditions, both with flash and without it. Also, the pride of the smartphone is a good camera for self 16 Mpix with a bright front flash, leaving behind most of the analogs.

In addition to excellent multimedia characteristics, the device will also please with a productive eight-core processor with a high frequency reaching 2.3 GHz. In combination with 4 GB of RAM, a powerful processor makes the device one of the best in speed and allows you to run even the most demanding system applications. A good battery allows the smartphone to hold a charge for about two days, and sometimes more. The price will be pleasantly surprised.

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