How to Get Podcast Addict for PC (Windows 10, Linux & Mac)?

Podcast Addict app is made by the developers to save the time of users and make life easier with all type of entertainment at one place. Many benefits of this app make it easy to use and the podcast addict experience on the big screen of PC is remarkable.

What is a podcast addict?

The podcast is a collection of episodic series in the form of audio, video and digital newspaper information. Also, the user can save the information inside the device. “Broadcast and iPod” are the two words from where the word podcast arrived. According to the information given on Wikipedia, the name was suggested by the BBC journalist and The Guardian columnist, Ben Hammersley. 

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Podcast Addict can be downloaded in the mobile phones for personal assistance in managing podcasts. In the same manner of YouTube, each podcast is managed and delivered in scheduled time. The podcast addict app has achieved downloads more than 4M and the use is extensive. Variety of podcast is available on this application and user can subscribe any of these from the collection. One can subscribe to a podcast in the form of video, audio, and news articles. The podcast app is available free of cost on the Apple app store and Google play and anyone can download it. You can also enjoy podcasts other than small screens. You can run it on big screens like on PC for Mac and Windows 8.1, 10, 7. 

The digital application of Podcast addict is an exciting app. A user can subscribe to audio or video podcast free of cost and the data can be saved inside the device. Hence, it is not required to stay online for saved data. One can open the saved data by opening the podcast offline. The additional features like Live streaming, radio, Newsfeeds, and Audiobooks are available on the app exclusively. 

Tons of topics can be assessed by the user on the podcast by searching just as the search engine interface of Google. Based on the user’s pre-selected categories, highlighting is provided for similar trending topics. Everything can be found on this application, but for that, you need to download it. 

How to manage podcast settings?

Every podcast in the application can be managed according to the settings. The latest updates and recent episodes are shown inside the thumbnail. By clicking on the header download button, you can download an episode simply. It can be saved inside the phone as well and the playlist can also be created by tapping on the footer plus button. Podcast addict application provides an option of auto-downloads and user can stay up to date with this advantage. Anybody could be addicted to a podcast addict because it makes life easier. 

Top 10 features of Podcast app

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Basic Glimpse of Podcast Addict is given below:

  1. Pause, backward and forward features in the podcast. 
  2. You can schedule your favorite podcasts. 
  3. You can cast the external device or speaker with the podcast. 
  4. Podcasts and channels are browsed by the inbuilt search engine. 
  5. The playlist can be created with the selected favorite podcast. 
  6. Silence skipping and volume adjustment are the special audio features. 
  7. You can hold the favorite podcast in the internal memory and SD cards. 
  8. Podcast addict has brilliant display mode.
  9. You can switch to WIFI or downloads to save your mobile data.   

This app is made by the developers to save the time of users and make life easier. Many benefits of this app make it easy to use and the podcast addict experience on the big screen of PC is remarkable.

How to run Podcast addict on the big screen of PC?

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  1. From the official site of Blustack 3N, download it and place on the desktop.
  2. On the downloaded setup file, do the double click and complete the procedure of installation by following the instructions given by the software.  
  3. For the best performance restart the PC, after installing the software. 
  4. Make the first bootup of Bluestacks and sign in via Gmail. Proceed with the process by next-next. 
  5. You can download the podcast addict and place the application file on the desktop after the bluestacks is ready. 
  6. Click on the application file and it will be installed automatically. 
  7. In case the above procedure doesn’t work you can open the home screen go to Appstore and directly install or podcast addict. 

The benefits of the podcast will insist you to use it once. Also, it is very easy to use. Enjoy!

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