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Sell your phone online after price comparision

The process of selling your mobile phones for cash is being used in every country. We should make sure to compare the mobile phones before selling it so that we get the best price for it.

Living in the 21st century means only one thing that is living in a world, living in a century, where technology rules and it made the world revolve around it. The world is progressing so rapidly and fast that one really needs a moment to think what technology can do? What powers technology acquires? It does not matter, in which country we are living in, it does not, matter in which city we are living in. What matters is that technology is everywhere. From rural area to an urban area, from simple life to luxurious life, we are surrounded by technology.

The business is one thing that defines technology now, everyone, and anyone can do business if he has business mind. Business mind requires several points, like, having a sharp mind for creating new ideas that will evolve according to time, according to the need of technology. Advancement in technology has always been the essential requirement of time. Another point that is required in business mind is clever, in order to manipulate, in order to deploy the tool, one must need cleverness.

The business of electronics is the most needed business of the 21st century. People need electronic devices for every work. They need electronic devices at every step of their days. Whether it is your mobile phone, your laptop, your desktops or your tablets, these devices have become the priority for every single person. As we are talking about devices, then I should mention the fact that, because of these devices, even normal and common people have tasted the flavor of business. What happens is that when a person is having a mobile phone and after a year or two, he wanted a change. A change in his or her gadget collection. In addition, whenever a new production of mobile phone hits the store, most of the people urged themselves to buy this new product. They wanted to get rid of their old mobile phone and they wanted money to buy the new mobile phone.

Case Study

If I am the one in this situation and let us say, I am an iPhone user, iPhone users mostly refer iPhone as their next mobile phone. In 2018, iPhone X comes as a storm and people are rushing towards the store to buy this new device. Same goes for me, being an iPhone user, I wanted to have the new production of Apple. However, Apple is an expensive brand and I need a heavy amount of money in my hand so I have to sell my iPhone, say I want to sell my iPhone 6s plus 16gb first.

Now, before buying a new product, I need to sell my old mobile phone for cash. For this, the first requirement is to research the marketplace, and research about the best price online. Now people’s first preference is to buy things online, whether it is a keychain, whether it is any type of cloth, whether it is a mobile phone, people want everything online. Online business made everyone a businessperson. I will search the best website for me. There are many websites for online selling and buying mobile phones. Before putting any advertisement on any website, I, first need to understand the pricing of mobile phone. For this, I will research about the pricing of mobile phone. I have three main websites for this,, and If we see the first website, then around £190.00 is the suitable price for me. If we see the second website, then around £199.99, I would get easily. Moreover, for the third website, if we search for iPhone 6s plus 16GB, then best suitable price is around £175.00. Each website is giving different amount. As a buyer, I would go to the website that would me a good conditioned mobile phone and that would give me a reasonable price. Nevertheless, as a seller, I will demand a high price. This is the nature of buying and selling business. As a seller, I will definitely write all the good things about my product, which I am going to sell, and I will demand a good amount of money that would compensate me for buying a new mobile phone for me.

Android Users

As an Android user, the scenario will be same. However, the price I will get will be not up to the mark. This is the strategy. Apple is working on that is not to cut down the prices of old mobile phone after launching a new one. Whereas, Android is having massive numbers of mobile phones and that is the reason, there is a huge decrement in price after having a new addition.

Comparison of mobile phones

This kind of study, where having these websites for the best suitable price and the difference in pricing of an Android mobile phone and of an Iphone, this will give me a comparison.

Comparison is a powerful element, because of this comparison and contrast, a person who is going to sell his mobile phone can get a good amount of money. If I have to sell my mobile phone, then first I will sell my iphone compare prices. We have the website that can give me comparison too. is giving me an opportunity to sell a brand new mobile phone, I can even sell a broken mobile phone, and I can get a reasonable price for this. Even I can sell a used mobile phone and can demand a good amount of money. Comparison can lead to a great change in pricing specifically and this website tell the expected date, at which price will drop.

While decision making, a comparison can be a great source and this can lead to even having an understanding of different websites and different local markets who are demanding money according to their considerations. If we want to sell any mobile phone than after comparison of different sites, we will end up having a graph of different prices that can make a good change in decision.


Before selling your phone online you must check it’s price comparison because this will gives you more satisfaction and better price as well. Thanks for reading.

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