Shareit vs Zapya vs Xender: Get the Best One

You must remember the time when the smartphones were pretty new and file sharing among them was a big challenge. We would use Bluetooth but it was so slow that sharing large files was almost impossible. Also, it was not always very reliable. The connection would usually break and thus you would have to start the whole transfer process again.

This was really quite some hassle. But these things were definitely remedied when the hotspot feature was introduced in the smartphones. This is when it became possible to share the files between two or more phones within the close range at a high speed. This was made possible by the incredible file sharing apps like SHAREit, Xender, Zapya, and more.

When we think about file transfer across devices, these are the three names that cross our minds first. So, why not have a quick comparison of these.

SHAREit At A Glance

If you are asking the question which one is the best then it might be a little difficult to answer. All the three apps offer almost the same functionalities and same speed. So it usually boils down to the personal choices. But if you want to look at it objectively, you will find that SHAREit is the app which has been downloaded more number of times in comparison to the other two. So, some may want to assume that it is the best. There is barely any doubt that SHAREit app is a great app with a simple interface and easy connectivity option is. It is also advisable to have this app on your phone as most of the other people also have it.

Xender At A Glance

Xender may not be as popular but it is definitely a wonderful file sharing app. There are some people who are even ready to swear by it. It does have a nice looking app and many people find it better than the others. It also has a buzz feature that allows you to buzz another user of this app.

Zapya At A Glance

Zapya is also a great file sharing app. It has almost all the functionalities as the above two along with some of its unique features. It also has an integrated chat application that allows you to ping other Zapya users.

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