Snapseed : Quality Picture Editing for iOS and Android

Snapseed is one of the best photo apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. An iOS update binds to the free application on Instagram and improves existing features.

We accept the update to version 2.3 for iOS like an opportunity to once again draw attention to the free image editing app Snapseed. After all, is a very good tool with good algorithms that we are among the must-have apps for iPhone. Moreover Snapseed is free.

Besides Instagram connection (however Instagram must be installed on the iPhone) automatically detects the focus effect in the new version of the app faces and suggests a setting for the blur. Nothing big, but a little relief. In addition, with the automatic alignment wrong captured images aligned with the horizon line, and the metadata display is improved.

Since late last year supported Snapseed 3D touch of iPhone 6s (Plus) and is adapted to the display of the iPad Pro.

Who does not know the app, here our imagination:

Snapseed For Mac

Snapseed free thanks to Google

Small history for version 2: Originally Snapseed was an application of Nik Software, a developer of high-quality (and expensive) plugins designed for Photoshop and other programs. In autumn 2012, Google bought the software company and presented Snapseed for Mac soon. Technologies found in the Android operating system collection, the apps for iOS and Android have been and are still evolving – and distributed for free. Before Google times Snapseed cost usually around 4 Euros.

Snapseed 2: image editing on iPhone, iPad & Android devices

A basic update for Snapseed was from long – eventually the design was not very timely. Google has – due to its operating system – made flat. In addition, the user interface has been reorganized and integrated new features.

The app now distinguishes between tools and filters. For the former include, for example tweaking which contains among others the tools known brightness, ambiance, contrast, etc. Moreover drawing, transforming and area correction can be found under Tools. Using a brush can be brightness, correct temperature and saturation selectively in the photo.

In the filters, we find the famous drama, the context, but also new as Noir and Glamour Glow.

One of the great peculiarities was and is the selective correction with the exclusive “U-Point technology,” known from the Nik Software plug-ins. It can be found under the name selective in the app. The user can thus change intelligently selected image areas in color or brightness, without having to create complicated selections. In a tutorial I have shown a few years ago, as you hereby corrected image areas.

Snapseed for Android

The operation of Snapseed has always been a bit strange, but useful for small screens. With practice, the photo settings by horizontal and vertical can perform well, and there are automatics. However, the new version also requires existing users some trial period – which does not want to accept any reviewer in the App Store.

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