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Super Mario developed by Ninetendo has always been a quite popular game among children. Mario is a popular name in the gaming world that does not require any further introduction. However, Ninetendo came up with Super Mario Bros. 3, which is the third add-on to the Mario game series. Although, the characters used in the game remains same as they were in the previous versions of the game, but there are several new additions to Super Mario Bros. 3 which include new levels, bosses and weapons. This Mario brothers game got very positive response from the users.

In Super Mario Brothers 3, the gamers have to face various obstacles and challenges of exploring eight new and different worlds to save the Princess. In addition, the character used in the game can float and fly by making use of some special power-ups, perform new kinds of jumps and slide downwards. The ultimate aim of the gamers is to save the Princess and defeat all the evil that comes their way. They can control Mario and save him from all the obstacles that come in his way. You have to collect more and more coins in order to win the game with good score.

Features of Super Mario Bros. 3 Game

Let us now explore some exciting features of Super Mario Bros. 3:

  • The gameplay of Super Mario Bros is quite easy and intuitive. The users can easily get used to all the controls incorporated in the game.
  • The graphics and characters used in the game are quite addictive and interesting.
  • The sound effects and backgrounds incorporated in the game makes it even more exciting for the users.
  • Super Mario Bros. 3 is a multiplayer game that can be played by two players simultaneously. The first player owns control over Mario while the second player manages Luigi, the twin brother of Mario.
  • The user can collect power-ups in order to increase the size of their player. As the initial character used in the game is small, you can collect mushrooms to increase the size of Mario and make him bigger than before.

How to Play Super Mario Bros 3 Online

If you want to play Super Mario Brothers 3 online, then follow the below link and enjoy the game.

Play Super Mario Bros 3 online

Super Mario Bros 3 Download

You do not required bluestacks for downloading Super Mario Bros 3 on Your PC. You can download it directly from the site and can play without any other emulator. To download Super Mario Bros 3, just click on the following button.

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