7 Tricks for uTorrent to Work Faster in 2018

If you are not satisfied with the operation of uTorrent and want to accelerate your downloads, there are a number of tips and tricks that you can put into practice. This is especially recommended if you have a good connection and the download speed is still slow.

Not everything depends on hiring more fiber optic MB. Sometimes you can modify some parameters of this program so that uTorrent works faster and the downloads are much more fluid, although you have to keep in mind that the speed will always depend on the number of people who share a file, as in all P2P programs.

Undoubtedly, torrent downloads are the current fashion, especially because there are websites that even allow downloading files without having to install any program , not to mention the number of web pages that distribute these files, even legally.

Without further delay, we explain how you can make uTorrent go faster in any operating system, even on mobile devices.

Do not forget that this client is available free for Windows, macOS, Linux and Android, but not for iOS devices, including the iPhone. Most of its users access from the PC, although it is increasingly common to see it on mobile phones.

1. Download the Torrent with more seeds

If you go to any website to download torrents, you will see that there are several data that appear next to the name. One of them refers to the seeds or seeds.

What is this? This is the number of people who are currently sharing the file. Obviously, the more seeds you have a file, the faster the download as you have more options to access a particular fragment of the online file. you may download Hotstar Apk for online movies and serial streaming.

Ideally, you order the list of results from more to fewer seeds. Download the one you have the most to make sure you share it with as many users as possible.

2. Assign all the possible bandwidth

Every Internet connection, however fast, has a limited bandwidth. Once there are many downloads or programs occupying it, they will start to work much more slowly.

This is what happens for example when you use uTorrent and you try to make a direct download. The latter is slow because uTorrent has occupied all the bandwidth and leaves nothing for other programs to download from the Internet.

That’s why if you want uTorrent to work faster you should not have it share the bandwidth with other similar programs. You can even click with the right button on a download to assign the maximum possible bandwidth.

3. Focus on important downloads

In the uTorrent Settings there is an option to limit the number of simultaneous downloads. What does this imply? That if you have only one download at a time, all the speed and bandwidth will go exclusively to it.

Limit to a perfect download when you are in a hurry to download a specific file, although if your connection is good there should be no problem by downloading two or three files simultaneously.

4. Check that you have not limited the speed

You may have unwittingly “cloaked” the download speed of this program at some time. In that case, it is normal that it does not exceed a few kbps.

If you want to check it, you must go to the Settings and there to connect. There is a section in which the maximum download speed is shown. Uncheck the option to limit the download and upload speed  to ensure that uTorrent does not work slow for this reason.

5. Make uTorrent start with your computer

If you use it on desktop PC, a trick to make uTorrent work faster is to have the program start with the operating system. That makes it start to get in the “virtual queue” to download anything else boot.

The longer you are in this queue, the more pairs you will connect to and the faster the download will be. Of course, keep in mind that while it is on, other network functions may not go well. Things of the bandwidth.

You can make uTorrent start from your Settings. When you turn on your PC, whatever the operating system, there will be its green icon in the tray.

6. Cable better than WiFi

If you want to accelerate uTorrent downloads in an easy way, you just have to go from WiFi and connect your computer with an Ethernet cable. Okay, sometimes it is not possible to pull a cable from the router to the place where you have connected the computer.

A good alternative is a WiFi router, since it may be that this program is not giving 100% of its capacity simply and simply because the strength of the WiFi signal leaves much to be desired.

Keep in mind that sometimes it has nothing to do with speed, but with the stability of the network. If the WiFi fluctuates constantly in intensity, it is normal for your downloads to notice it immediately.

However, what we recommend in these cases is to acquire a PLC , a device that sends the Internet signal through the electrical network. There is a port for ethernet cable , undoubtedly the best option to bring the wired network to the entire house.

7. Activate the UPnP mapping to circumvent the firewall

There is an adjustment that can make uTorrent work much better if the problem is that the firewall of your PC is interfering. It is not totally advisable if you worry about your security but if you are in a hurry to download something.

It is the activation of the UPnP mapping to make this program pass over the firewall. It will connect directly to the pairs to download the file in question.

You have to access Preferences> Connection and then check the appropriate box called Automatically Map Ports or automatically map ports . Click OK and restart uTorrent for the changes to take effect.

Wrap Up

Hope these tricks will help you to make uTorrent work faster. If you have and query or suggestion for us. Feel free to contanct us.

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