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Web Design Trends Of 2020

Digital designing has been an instantly gratifying and ever-evolving phenomenon so far. Just as traditional graphic designing, website designing also involves the same degree of precision, artistry and continues to flow with the recent trends but at a much faster pace and with a more technology-led environment. Brand new web design trends emerge almost every day and to grab what’s “hot” becomes news and “creativity” becomes a conversation. Before starting a website for designing the webmasters search for free website hosting sites but most of the time they didn’t get success. Web Design Company in Delhi tries to stay at the pinnacle of what is emerging. Some of the biggest trends of web design of 2018 are discussed hereunder.

Web animation

An image speaks a thousand words. It is a common human nature to remember 10% what they hear, 20% they read and the remaining 80% what they see, which is pretty big. So web animation is grabbing the web design market by making the ideas as well as interfaces more understandable by humans. In today’s generation, normally people don’t have much time to read between the lines as what it is called, web animation succeeds to convey even the most complex of the ideas in an informative way even in the shortest of the time. Though creative web design services are involving data storytelling and personification as a web design weapon, still web animation maintains to stay as the top design trends of the year. It makes the brand more dynamic and shows its strength in the digital world.

Shadows for creating extra depth

This is the new web design trend that the web developers are looking into ide for web development. Shadows can create deep illusions so much so that even a flat design would seem semi-flat. Shadows can make CTA’s a little more raised than usual when they are ready to be clicked. A visual hierarchy can be established between elements with the use of the shadowy depths. Shadows play a pivotal role in creating an illusion of the world that exists beyond the display screen. It adds versatility and aesthetics to the web pages.

Use of more vibrant colors

Vibrant colors are being used by developers for delivering an exceptional experience in the digital marketing platform. Creative web design services are using vibrant and supersaturating shades to make web pages look more attractive. Technological advances in devices and monitors that are capable of reproducing richer hues are responsible for making this approach successful. Newer brands prefer to use more clashing colors to grab the attention of their customers.

Particle backgrounds

These are also a form of animation that uses JavaScript that allows creating movement in the background to form an everlasting impression on the end-users. A moving background can grab the customer’s attention in seconds and hence motion graphics are gaining popularity worldwide with its application in social media.

Custom illustrations

There is no such Web Design Company in Delhi that has not used custom illustrations recently for creating a website design. It helps in creating playful and friendly images adding a fun element to the website. The brands that are till now perceived as a serious one can now break its serious image and be more approachable to its customers by using custom illustrations on its website.

Inventive and creative typography

Typography is being used as a tool for creating exciting and innovative artworks by web designers. A combination of five to six typos is being used this year to create something extraordinary and out of the box. Images are being replaced by jumbo-sized bold characters. Serif fonts are returning to the screen in 2018 for creating a more dynamic UX.

These are some of the design trends that the web designers are following this year to create an overall and everlasting impression over the customers and to make their presence felt in the digital marketing scenario.

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