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Why WordPress is Best For New Bloggers? – 6 Reasons To Know

There are platforms and numerous tools and platforms available to make a blog. These options include the pros and cons. WordPress is the instrument of choice for the most publishers and bloggers. WordPress may be an excellent option for New Students. This post explains why?

About WordPress:

The first version of WordPress was made available for downloading. It’s just celebrated its 15th birthday! WordPress is open source which means it advanced and is preserved by a community of volunteers. This is part of the appeal of WordPress.

WordPress can be used on all kinds of devices, such as phones. WordPress is simply software that is free to download (although needs to be hosted somewhere which generally incurs costs).

Users can extend the functionality of their WordPress site and can personalize the appearance and feel with themes that are unique. WordPress is a content management system that’s behind millions of sites that are popular.

Reasons Why WordPress is best for beginners:

Some of the qualities and reasons make it very useful for beginners also. Read below the main reasons why WordPress is best for beginners:

1. The Power Of Authenticity:

Why don’t you start as you plan to continue?

The fact that about a third of the entire web is currently powered by WordPress is a statistic we can not ignore. WordPress is a tool that is authentic. Professional bloggers search for a publishing platform that is drag-and-drop/ready-made. K-2 teachers may opt to begin with a platform that is designed solely for colleges.

This is not a bad choice. In starting this way the difficulty is when teachers live and never make the switch to a more platform which will serve the students.

2. User-Friendly and Easy UI:

I know. How good can this get? But yes, WordPress is quite easy to use. After installing it, you can handle it straight away. The dashboard is situated on the left side of this display and this is where you will go if you would like to post or alter something. (Of course, in the event you ever want a little help there is a great WordPress training class I will recommend!)

3. WordPress is Free Forever:

After all, if you’re able to spare a dollar or two, should not you? You can set up WordPress without paying a dime and start blogging immediately!

There’s one caveat… If you would like your own domain name, you will want to self-host your own blog. That will cost you a little bit of cash (self-hosting is, incidentally, what we do in Seriously Simple Marketing).

So rather than “domainname.wordpress.com” (which is exactly what you get with a free account at WordPress.com, you could simply have “domainname.com” (that provides you a much more professional sense.

If you’re just beginning, however, I recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the easy things before diving into the complex stuff. (That is how I started too).

Whether you choose to use free-hosting supplied by WordPress.com or server WordPress yourself, the true program of “WordPress” is obviously free. You don’t ever have to get it, so beware anybody that says you do.

4. WordPress Has Free Themes:

Yes, that is right… More free stuff!

If you would like to change the appearance of your site, all you’ve got to do is change its topic. After installing WordPress, you will automatically have access to hundreds of free themes which you can use. The choice to change your theme is situated in the Dashboard (it is under the Appearance section). Select the theme that you fancy and then install it. I promise it’s quite easy to do and only requires a couple of clicks.

5. Multiple User Access with Role:

This means that you could build your blog with a number of your trusted friends (if you would like). You can assign each of these specific roles and they’re able to access your blog in line with the constraints that you give them.

By way of instance, if you would like your friend Dan to have full control of your site just like you do, you can make him an Administrator. If there’s somebody who will only be writing for you, you can assign them as an”Author” so that they can upload new posts, but can not change important parts of your blog or how it functions.

6. Fully Customizable and control:

WordPress Widgets are tools which you add to your website if you would like additional content on your sidebar (typically, that is the column located on the right side of this webpage ). Simply drag and drop them in whatever place you want them to appear on your sidebar.

Pages are another terrific feature. They can help you construct beyond your own blog. By way of instance, you can make an”About Me” page wherein you speak about yourself, your site and a visitor must become an avid reader! You may also make a”Contact Me” page where you place all of your contact details so that your readers and followers understand how and where to reach you.

There are loads of other reasons I could provide you, including how flexible WordPress is (you can also use it to create an internet store), but this little post has helped give you a little more push to begin your first WordPress blog.


If you’re planning to make a static site, you can always trust WordPress as it’s periodically updated and gives improved and better results. Getting your static site with WordPress will assist you in better SEO and ranking in search engine.

In the past couple of months, a number of my customers that changed from static HTML Websites to WordPress have seen a fantastic improvement in search engine optimization. There’s not any rocket science in it, as WordPress plugins help a lot to optimize your on-site SEO, and, dashboard makes it much easier to make changes and update thing for non-techie men and women. Moreover, WordPress offers simple ways to incorporate social networking on your website and there isn’t any second thought that in coming years, Social networking will change the search engine optimization industry.

Suggestion: Regardless of what platform you use, ensure to take the benefit of Google+, Delicious, Digg, FB, and Twitter to make your site more social.

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